Mamavation Monday: 200

feet-scale-tapemeasure-de 200 is a number I never wanted to see on my scale. And a few weeks ago I saw it.  Black and white. Re-calibrating my scale didn't change the fact that I was now 50+ pounds overweight for my height and frame. Time to get serious. That, and now my blouses are starting to not fit in addition to my pants. And I really don't like wearing skirts. Or shape wear.

Over the summer I tried a few things, but couldn't stick with them. I'm sleep deprived enough. And not all that self-disciplined when it comes to working out. I used to have a more active lifestyle, and I was the girl you loved to hate because I could eat like a horse and the weight would. not. stick. At one point my grandmother threatened to put me in the hospital because I was losing weight for no apparent reason (it was stress related to finals) but I had dropped back down to 115 (I'm 5'9"). I want to get back to the weight I was at 25 – a fairly healthy 135-140. My current weight is maintaining at 195 for the last two weeks. I fluctuate between 195.6 and 195.4. At least I haven't gone back up.

Right now I am just tracking my weight, exercise, and food intake using a combination of tools available on my phone. I use Calorie Counter for food and weight, CardioTrainer for exercise (and sometimes DailyMile).  Now to get my hydration levels up (I drink between 16.9 oz – 20oz/day) and a little more movement other than typing and fidgeting in my seat.

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