Mamavation Monday 2

I lost another 2 pounds woot!

I was so surprised, I was actually expecting to gain. Last week was *that* week of the month, I was bloated, and grumpy, and indulged my chocolate cravings. I also stopped tracking my food intake about Wednesday when I went out to lunch with a friend and had a huge BLT. Thursday, Friday and Saturday didn't fare much better. I got back on track yesterday. I've also made a commitment to try No Eating Out in November
which I first read about on Budgets are Sexy.

Focusing on losing weight and getting healthy is impacting all sorts of areas in my life. (Un)fortunately, both of my kids are at stages and ages where they need fat (the healthy kind), so I am doing what I never hoped to do, be a short-order cook. Of sorts. The kids get what they are used to for breakfast and lunch and dinner is as healthy and appetizing as possible. My daughter is eating less at meal times and sneaking snacks more. Any ideas on how to combat *that*?


  • Continue tracking what I eat
  • Get moving for 20-30 minutes each day (theoretically easier since I brought work-out clothes to work and there's a gym in my building)
  • Get more water into me (still hard, but I'm working on it)
Congrats to @OnlyLaila for being the Sista of the Week

BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Earth Footwear. The winner of the blogging carnival gets a pair of Earth Footwear. Just mention Earth Footwear in your post and link back to their site. Link up to the Mamavation Blogging Carnival here.

I would love to win a pair, but I'm usually commuting during the show time-slot. C'est la vie.