Mamavation Monday 2

I lost another 2 pounds woot!

I was so surprised, I was actually expecting to gain. Last week was *that* week of the month, I was bloated, and grumpy, and indulged my chocolate cravings. I also stopped tracking my food intake about Wednesday when I went out to lunch with a friend and had a huge BLT. Thursday, Friday and Saturday didn't fare much better. I got back on track yesterday. I've also made a commitment to try No Eating Out in November
which I first read about on Budgets are Sexy.

Focusing on losing weight and getting healthy is impacting all sorts of areas in my life. (Un)fortunately, both of my kids are at stages and ages where they need fat (the healthy kind), so I am doing what I never hoped to do, be a short-order cook. Of sorts. The kids get what they are used to for breakfast and lunch and dinner is as healthy and appetizing as possible. My daughter is eating less at meal times and sneaking snacks more. Any ideas on how to combat *that*?


  • Continue tracking what I eat
  • Get moving for 20-30 minutes each day (theoretically easier since I brought work-out clothes to work and there's a gym in my building)
  • Get more water into me (still hard, but I'm working on it)
Congrats to @OnlyLaila for being the Sista of the Week

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I would love to win a pair, but I'm usually commuting during the show time-slot. C'est la vie.


  1. My kids have been at that stage a long time. I have to hide veggies in their food. A good cookbook is the Deceptively Delicious Cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld. I have also been giving them the new Mott's 100% juice that also includes veggies mixed in. They love it! I often add purred sweet potatoes to their pizza sauce or I add it to my mix when making french toast. It is actually pretty good too!
    Great job on the 2lb loss. And I commend you for trying not to eat out this month. I have failed majorly in that area. But I do try to pick healthy options...

  2. I am blessed in that my kids DO like their fruits and veggies, but my daughter gets full on popcorn (afternoon snack), or eats so little at dinner so that she can have two bowls of cereal in the morning. My son is still a little underweight and his doctor said to go ahead and let him eat ice cream for the fat content. He also goes out to Little Caesar's a lot. It's the change from comfort-food type dinners to recipes out of Fitness Magazine that they aren't liking so much.

    I'll check out the cookbook. I'm also looking for healthier slow cooker recipes.

  3. Yay for 2 pounds! Great job. With my picky kids, I try to make sure the first snack after school is fruit and then they can have something else. That seems to help get my point across. I've made a few things from Deceptively Delicious as well, and I tell them that the veggies are in the food.

  4. I need to make the 30 min a day one of my goals too. Great job on losing 2 lbs this week. You are doing great!

  5. I've been sticking with the kids favorite comfort foods, but find ways to make them healthier... subbing ground turkey for ground beef, making from scratch instead of boxed mixes... I don't know how old your kids are, but I find that when I let them be part of the process, they are more interested - i.e. helping me plan meals or even cook them... but mine are still kinda youngish - so that may wear off in the next few years.

  6. Hooray for 2 pounds! I've noticed a huge difference in how I feel since I've been drinking more water. Keep it up!

  7. Congrats on your weight loss! That no eating out idea sounds like a great idea, I may have to try that. Best of luck to you this week,especially with increasing your water intake. It's hard at first but you just have to keep water near you.

  8. It doesn't :) My son is 16 and my daughter is 8 and they both enjoy cooking. It's also how I got them to enjoy salad!

    I do a lot of the same substitutions, but lately it's been harder with my work schedule. I'm trying to get back into freezer cooking, but it's not as easy as when I was a stay-at-home mom.

  9. good luck with your goals this wek and congrats on the 2 lb loss thats awesome

  10. Losing weight and ignoring cravings is sooo hard. I really need to get everything under control before the usual Christmas blow-out. *sigh*

  11. I know what you mean. I did a wine tasting last night and had dessert after dinner (at home) for the first time in months. I am not looking forward to my weekend weigh-in.


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