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Mamavation Monday: Burn the Turkey

Operation Burn the Turkey is off to a good start. The day before Thanksgiving I weighed myself and I was 194lbs and change. The day after I was also 194 and change and this morning I was: 193.6lbs 1lb lost! (Though it is a 2lb gain from last week). Still, not bad. I figure I could easily be back up to 196lbs. Because yesterday's shenanigans totally threw off my mood (post on that coming soon), I didn't get in my weekend workout. Hiking around Disneyland should count though, right? One inspiration since Thanksgiving is wearing a pedometer constantly. I actually got in a little over 1000 steps just in my kitchen on Thursday! Now that I am back at work, my mileage is down considerably. I was so out of it yesterday I didn't pack my gym bag for today, so it's a bust. I may get in a walk after dinner though and burn off extra calories trying to keep warm . I need to stop talking myself out of working out. Making excuses and procrastinating. I'm really good at t

I whip my hair...

My daughter is joining in all the other little girls that want to be like Willow Smith. Actually, she just wanted braids like me before I took them out and got my hair relaxed. Tweet

Mamavation Monday: "Hair loss"

-6 lbs! Woot! I think at least 3 lbs are due to "hair loss". I went from having braids/extensions to getting them all out and my hair trimmed and straightened. I didn't think my braids were that heavy though, so who knows. I did get in a little more movement. The gym here at work doesn't provide towels and the shower area isn't nearly as nice as the one at home, so I have to prep a better bag. We went shopping this weekend and I bought the   Gaiam Metro Gym Bag (Black)  (on clearance! -- it was either that or use my son's large gym bag). I need better organization. Currently I bring 3 bags to work - purse, laptop bag, and lunch bag. Adding the gym bag makes it 4. Not easy to navigate on the bus. Trimmed and straight With braids Goals: Keep up the water intake. Even though my fat percentage (according to my scale) isn't going down, my hydration levels are up. Keep tracking my meals. I think this is the biggest contributor to my weight loss. I'

Of Mice and Mold

Of Mice If you follow me on twitter or facebook you may have seen a few of my tweets about the mice problem we have. I blame Small Town Mommy . Not one week after I read her post on her rodent problem  did I see something scamper under the stove in my kitchen. It being September in the High Desert, we still kept the back door open a lot (makes it easier for the dogs to do their thing too). So we hoped it was a lizard. I mean I *really*really*really* hoped it was a lizard. A few weeks later Hunkito heard something the cupboards. It didn't sound like a lizard. By Halloween it was confirmed. The little beast was pooping in the kitchen, and then had the audacity to gnaw into Joy's backpack and get at her candy. First, we let Zoe stay out. I had hopes that my dog, being part terrier, would be a great mouser. No such luck.She's obviously much more border collie ... except for the digging, but that's another story. So we bought traps. And after getting into my chocolate

Katy Perry - Firework

I caved and bought her latest album. Miss Perry has catchy, fun beats ( in addition to being freaking GORGEOUS ), and a social message. And I can't get her three latest songs out of my head, though that may have more to do with them being on the radio EVERYWHERE . First there was the summer anthem of " California Gurls ", then “Teenage Dream” (which I don’t want my daughter singing, but it’s still catchy), and now "Firework". I've had the chorus in my head for about three days now and finally went to watch the video and *really listen* to the lyrics. Lines like Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin Like a house of cards One blow from caving in Do you ever feel already buried deep Six feet under scream But no one seems to hear a thing =================================== You don't have to feel like a waste of space You're original, cannot be replaced If you only knew what the future holds After a hurricane comes a rainbow speak to all thos

Mamavation Monday: plus 5

Tweet Well, this can't be good. I haven't added strength training to my routine yet, so I know it's not muscle gain :( . Goals : I didn't really reach them last week. Not enough water or gym time (as in ZERO, unless you count the 20 on the treadmill I did yesterday), nor did I really get to walk the track during my daughter's soccer practice (her team made the playoffs by the way) which translates to way too many hours on my butt and apparently a five pound weight gain despite cutting calories  watching my caloric intake. My only furtive consolation is that it might be water-weight gain. So I am definitely going to be drinking more water this week and may even challenge myself to a liter or 2 of Smart Water. I forgot that I joined a challenge on Fatsecret -- thinking it was totally doable. And it is, with discipline. And time management. Still working on that. I am a total "go-with-the-flow-maintain-stasis" type of gal ... unless pumped up on Code

Wordless Wednesday: Wine

Wordless Wednesday: Wine Originally uploaded by Nannerlady

Mamavation Monday 2

Tweet I lost another 2 pounds woot! I was so surprised, I was actually expecting to gain. Last week was *that* week of the month, I was bloated, and grumpy, and indulged my chocolate cravings. I also stopped tracking my food intake about Wednesday when I went out to lunch with a friend and had a huge BLT. Thursday, Friday and Saturday didn't fare much better. I got back on track yesterday. I've also made a commitment to try No Eating Out in November which I first read about on Budgets are Sexy . Focusing on losing weight and getting healthy is impacting all sorts of areas in my life. (Un)fortunately, both of my kids are at stages and ages where they need fat (the healthy kind), so I am doing what I never hoped to do, be a short-order cook. Of sorts. The kids get what they are used to for breakfast and lunch and dinner is as healthy and appetizing as possible. My daughter is eating less at meal times and sneaking snacks more. Any ideas on how to combat *that*? Goals :

Photo Friday: Dark

Photo Friday: Dark Originally uploaded by Nannerlady Last night I was playing with the different cameras available in the retro camera app and caught this one of my daughter at soccer practice. She loves being goalie. Luckily everyone else was at the other end of the field.

Walk 600 Miles - Phase I - 1st 150

Walk 600 Miles - Phase I - 1st 150 : "Walk 600 Miles - Phase I - 1st 150" According to the math, this is 2mi./day. I think I can walk that no problem. I better not be setting myself up for failure.... Tweet

Mamavation Monday: 200

200 is a number I never wanted to see on my scale. And a few weeks ago I saw it.  Black and white. Re-calibrating my scale didn't change the fact that I was now 50+ pounds overweight for my height and frame. Time to get serious. That, and now my blouses are starting to not fit in addition to my pants. And I really don't like wearing skirts. Or shape wear. Over the summer I tried a few things , but couldn't stick with them. I'm sleep deprived enough. And not all that self-disciplined when it comes to working out. I used to have a more active lifestyle, and I was the girl you loved to hate because I could eat like a horse and the weight would. not. stick . At one point my grandmother threatened to put me in the hospital because I was losing weight for no apparent reason (it was stress related to finals) but I had dropped back down to 115 (I'm 5'9"). I want to get back to the weight I was at 25 – a fairly healthy 135-140. My current weight is maintaining at

Review: Rachel Ray Chillout Insulated Bags

Good morning! I hope your milk is still cold. Mine certainly stayed that way after 6 hours of running errands yesterday! I've been on the hunt for a new lunch bag and always stop in that aisle at Costco (a few months ago they had some really nice "designer purse" looking lunch totes). This time, next to the beach chairs and umbrellas they had these 2-piece tote sets! My favorite color is blue, but I didn't like the treatment the bag had been given (multi-colored stripes) and the red/brown just wasn't my style. This green/brown one fit the bill perfectly ($15.99 at Costco). That's about what I was going to pay for one small "designer" lunch tote. For the same price I got a very large insulated tote and a medium-sized lunch tote. Very large! I fit 4 gallons of milk and a box of Healthy Choice chocolate ice cream bars. I couldn't believe that the milk was still cold and even better, the ice cream bars were still frozen! At the beginning of summer