Rainy season

weather forecast
With fall arriving in the southland also comes the weather related event called "Storm Watch". The freeways get wet, Californians lose the ability to drive at warp speed, accidents abound,people are hours and hours late for work, and we keep looking out of our windows wondering "when will the rain stop?"

Today's "chance of rain" has so far equaled a light, steady mist that is nonetheless wreaking havoc with the morning commute.


  1. I can't stand people who freak out when it rains. Here in New England, the leaves are all falling so when it rains, everything gets wet and really slippery. I hope the weather clears up soon for you.

  2. Amazingly it cleared up nicely. The morning commute resembled normal L.A. traffic. It would be nice to see the leaves change color ...


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