The Prince of Hazel and Oak

ThePrinceofHazelandOakA few weeks ago I was perusing Podiobooker and saw someone mention The Prince of Hazel and Oak, the sequel to Shadowmagic (read my first impression here). Boy was I excited! I added that puppy to my Google Listen account immediately. Prior to listening obsessively on a regular basis to Prince of Hazel and Oak I was catching up on Podcastle, various podcasts by Philippa Ballantine, and reading a lot more (still need to post those book reviews *sigh*).
Right now I am regretting that I didn’t wait until the book was complete (to savor it all at once), but after listening to ep.24 (SPOILER ALERT!) I know that we are halfway through and that I can expect much more enjoyment. And a third book!! Congrats John!
Truly, John Lenahan’s voice, inflection, and delivery always leave me smiling and in a good mood. Conor is as much a smart-alec as he is in Shadowmagic, though maybe a little more mature. If you’re looking for a good great family–friendly fantasy podcast, I can’t recommend Shadowmagic series enough. It wasn’t Podiobooks no. 1 voted podcast for no reason.
Finally listeners can find out what happened to Conor on his return to the Real World from Tir na Nog. (He was arrested for his father’s murder.)

Join Conor (and a very confused Scranton cop) as they try to survive The Prince of Duir's chaotic return to The Land.

The Prince of Hazel and Oak is the second novel from real life magician and comedian - John Lenahan. John’s first novel, Shadowmagic, is available in paperback, epub and Kindle editions from HarperCollins UK. For more details go to


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