Tell Me Thursday: Ringling Bros.& Barnum & Bailey's 'FUNundrum'

Back in August we went to the circus, I was a little slow getting the photos up and I think there are a few more videos I need to post. Better late than never, right?

I LOVE the circus (all you animal activists can crucify me later, I have nothing but good memories). I have loved the circus, and especially Barnum & Bailey's ever since I was a small child. My parents couldn't afford much, but they managed to take us whenever Ringling was in town. The motorcycles in the cage, the animal trainers (does anyone remember Gunther Gebel-Williams? The way he was with his tigers -- Siberian tigers have been my favorite animal ever since.) At one point I am sure that I wanted to run away and join the circus. My brother certainly did.

My not so great photos from the Greatest Show on Earth

FUNundrum takes you back to the "freak show" beginnings of the circus, but it's well done and not really freakish at all. The acts are designed show off human strength, agility, flexibility, and cover a wide range of countries. (Even though a lot of them are kinda misrepresented -- blonde Norwegian types from ?)

The animal trainer wasn't as magnificent as Gunther, so the only other high point was The Torres family in the Globe of Steel. Another Ringling staple, this is one act I ALWAYS look forward to.

No matter what your views are about circuses, you can't deny that people love a spectacle.