Hopalong Cassidy and Da’ Brat: The Week in Review

What an exciting week!  Not. Tiresome. Emotionally draining. And other phrases that just thinking about them bring your spirit down. To recap:
  • Monday – I don’t recall very well. It’s a blur. It involved Joy being sick. Green, icky, snotty, coughing, etc. Oh yeah, short day at school. Wouldn’t get up. Care provider had appointment and couldn’t watch her. Josh was supposed to pick up from school anyways. Executive decision – Joy stays home from school, supposedly bored out of her ever-loving mind, only allowed to come out of her room to eat (I wanted to make a point. If she was faking, she’d be bored, if she was sick, she would rest and be glad to). She convinced Josh to let her watch DVDs downstairs. He did get her to put dishes away and eat dinner early, so that was a win.
  • Tuesday – Normal morning, hellish evening. Joy wouldn’t do her HW after much cajoling, posturing, punishment, caving to her demands, etc. At 9 I finally sent her to bed and told her I would wake her at 5AM to finish said homework and get her ready for Picture Day. She cried herself to sleep. I didn’t feel guilty in the least. Just drained.
  • Wednesday – Got Joy up up 5:30, placed Breakfast Essentials and some graham crackers in front of her. Homework that took over 7 hours to work on the night before miraculously done in 20 minutes!!!!!!! She finished her breakfast, showered, we made her all pretty for Picture Day AND got her to school on time. This included blow-drying her hair (no doubt it will be curly in photos though). Care provider most likely sick from Joy leaving snot rags all over the place (another issue is she just tosses her trash on the floor. Who let her do that???? I know she knows better and it’s not something I ever condoned), so I stayed home. Got some house work and laundry done, but not as much as I would have liked. Joy was good. Josh went on his epic skate ride.

  • Thursday – Why epic? Because he calls me at 9AM stating that he needs to go to Urgent Care. His ankle is swollen and he can’t put any weight on it. I work 2 freaking hours away! Close friend able to take him to Urgent Care, where he is told they don’t accept his insurance and send him over to Lancaster Hospital. He get’s splinted and crutches (sound familiar yet?). I need to make a follow-up appointment with his regular doctor. Ask his Bio Dad to make the change in insurance. He does it the same day (WIN!). Joy … finished her homework and did soccer practice. Behavioral meltdown after dinner. Long effing night, go to bed feeling like crap and seriously questioning my parenting skills.
  • Friday – Was great until I got home. Then it all went to hell. I hate fighting. I hate that my kids refuse to listen to me. It’s been that kind of week.
Thus earning Josh the nickname of “Hopalong Cassidy” (better than “Gimpy”, right?) and Joy “Da’ Brat” for the week of September 13th.
Please, Lord, let next week be easier.
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