Breaking Your Child’s Bad Homework Habits: 4 Simple Solutions to Help Your Easily Frustrated Kid

September 1, 2010
Oh my gosh! Brenda over at ADDMoms has described Joy to a "T". Last week was a hot mess when it came to homework and there was a night or two I had to remind myself that I was the mom and couldn’t throw a temper tantrum in front of my child.

Breaking Your Child’s Bad Homework Habits: 4 Simple Solutions to Help Your Easily Frustrated Kid: "Other kids are not as even-keeled. Their moods are quick to change, their tempers are volatile, and they are easily frustrated. They often complain that their homework is too hard or too boring. If they encounter difficulties before you have a chance to intervene, they have a meltdown. Their low frustration tolerance makes homework a battleground.

If you have an easily frustrated child living under your roof, here are a few simple measures you can try to break the cycle of negativity revolving around homework."

It’s gratifying to know that I am not the only one. Brenda’s tips are awesome and I wish I had seen this before. At our home I fixed part of the problem by moving Joy’s desk downstairs to the living room and letting her have a snack and break after school before doing homework (ok, this was at the back of my mind the whole time and if I was home would have done it but forgot to mention it to her care provider because I was so intent on setting a firm schedule and routine for her). According to reports from the home front, homework time is much more pleasant for the both of them – which means that I can enjoy time after work with my daughter instead of fighting about homework and trying to dream up consequences as to why it’s not done.

I highly recommend you go read ADDMoms. She has a whole series of articles on homework for every  type of personality.


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