Down time

Instead of blogging today when I had some downtime and began suffering from writer's block I took @KG_Photography's advice:

  1. Looked at various searches as to why @hankito couldn't get his Samsung Galaxy to sync with Picasa. None of my suggestions worked so I'll have to do some in-person troubleshooting since I have an android phone and have had picasa albums on my phone I think since my G1. If not, I have just become so used to having them in the gallery that "it's just the way it is" now. I <3 Android.
  2. Started another blog post on Picasa 3.8 (that will be forthcoming, I have screenshots to edit).
  3. I downloaded an album and synced it to my own (hey, I'm a contributor! and now it will show up on my phone for my viewing pleasure).
  4. Reminded myself that I really need to sit down at home in front of my nifty new mac mini and work sometime. -- It's still new because I have hardly any data, photos, music, or real work on it yet. I have a habit of "breaking" it. 
  5. Caught up on my Facebook Scrabble games.
  6. Talked to my boss about ongoing projects (kind of put on hold because it turns out I am pretty good at this training stuff and I've been doing 1:1 sessions as people need help this week).
  7. Watched the clock while I waited for the next session that I was needed at.
  8. Added Google Analytics to my picasa albums
  9. Updated Google Analytics on my blog and complained about having to do so. (come on Blogger! Get it together!)
  10. Realized that I need a refresher course in AdWords and Google Analytics if I'm ever going to make even $1 off my blog (I never intended to monetize, still don't want to, but feel that I should at least know how, KWIM?)
  11. I still have 20 minutes to go as I hit publish.
I like being useful and doing things that add value to other people's lives and for my own pleasure. This whole sitting around and twiddling my thumbs never did sit well with me.