Wii Fit - Day 2

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Well, this morning was a bust. Last night I didn't take my sleep aid, since I was sleepy from 8PM I thought I would have no trouble falling asleep. I should have gone straight to bed. Instead I ate a very healthy spinach salad (under 400 calories) that my sister made (thanks Brit!) and watched a little T.V.

Before the wave of ennui and fatigue hit my goal had been to get home, change, walk Zoe, THEN eat dinner, chill, and go to bed.

So after dinner, I watched both hours of nicktoons Avatar Extras (all the Aang you can get, plus pop-up video-esque trivia).

My alarm is set for 4:45. 15 minutes to wake up, then the proposed schedule is the Wii Fit Challenge from 5:00-5:45, then 30 minutes to get ready for work. I did it yesterday, mostly. Today, I kept hitting snooze and my brain didn't engage until panic mode at 5:45 when I jumped out of bed ... and made sloth-like progress through my shower and dressing. Luckily I was given a ride in to work and slept literally all the way in. Hope I didn't snore.

So, to make up for this morning I am considering eating at my desk and taking advantage of the Bonaventure's indoor track to walk for 30 minutes.

I refuse to beat myself up over perceived failures (fighting my natural Type-A overachiever nature is NOT easy) and just move forward, making better choices today.


  1. For those of you who have trouble with math like I do ... 10:30PM -4:454AM is 6.25 hours of sleep. And I didn't fall asleep promptly at 10:30 either, though it was pretty close.

    I'm living with a deep sleep deprivation, I need at least 9 hours before I wake naturally fully rested. That just doesn't happen. Sleep deprivation makes losing weight that much harder.

  2. Oh, I am SO not a morning person! I used to like working out right after work to get some more energy for the rest of the evening.

  3. I wish I got home early enough to do that. Some nights when I'm not tired I take my dogs out for a walk. I've been thinking of getting the Wii Walk-it-Out for after dinner though.


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