Wii Fit - Day 1

So... I've been using this app from fatsecret.com called calorie counter and it's really nifty, and enlightening. I set it up to help me limit my calories to lose one pound a week. Unfortunately I seem to be gaining according to my weigh-ins. I've mentioned before how much I hate my scale. ...
Well, the other cool thing about fatsecret is the community and challenges. Today I did my first day of the Wii Fit challenge. I bought a Wii fit on sale almost 2 years ago and have never used it. Josh bugs/teases/nagged me about it all the time, not that he wants a "hot mama", but for some reason he wants me looking my best when we're in public together.
I digress. The challenge is 45 minutes on your Wii fit daily for six weeks. I did 17. I am not beating myself up 1) because I woke up late 2) it was more aerobic exercise than I've had in a while 3) I'm still motivated to do it again tomorrow.
I know for a fact that I started gaining weight at alarming (to me) rate when I went back to work. A desk job has really increased my bottom line. And frankly, when a size 14 feels snug, it's time to get off my ass and lose some of this weight. Health issues with other family members are also great incentive. I want to be around to be a healthy, active grandparent one of these days in the far future.
So here's to a new challenge, lifestyle changes, and more energy. 
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