Rdio - false advertising?

I get so hot and bothered by new tech, it's silly sometimes. Like premature ejaculation. There is a new subscription music service on the horizon called Rdio. I signed up for an invite largely based on this photo (and some hype from friends):
See the Nexus One there next to the Blackberry? I wanted to *SQUEE* so badly for a application that launched on both iPhone and Android (OK, and RIM) with the same functionality *at the same time*. I'm not even sure if when I signed up they had the disclaimer
Rdio in your pocket.
With apps for iPhone, and BlackBerry phones, your music goes where you go — even if you're offline.
I wonder if it's just how we read the web these days or if it's user error on my part. I see a picture of three phone platforms, I sign up for an invite. I get the invite a mere two weeks later (or so, nice turn-around! faster than Google Voice and Wave)
Rdio homepage

I would've appreciated even a simple "Coming Soon" stamp over the Nexus One instead of the implication that it would be ready as soon as I got my invite (translation, who reads the not-so-fine print when the page is more graphic and call-to-action than information).

Luckily, before I finished this blast on false advertising, a few people pointed out this blog post which basically states "It's coming, but we don't know when".

Since I work as a contractor I can't really download it to test at work, and I am hardly ever on my computer at home, so the 3-day trial is wasted on me.

Any Blackberry or iPhone users out there want one of my 10 invites?