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I've gotten to the point where eating too much makes me feel sick. and I didn't even eat that much. Went to lunch with a group of friends, had a burger, sweet potato fries (no maple butter though!), and water. I was mostly full with just half the burger and fries, but I pressed on because I didn't want to waste food, and I still felt a *little* hungry.

Now I just feel nauseous, bloated, and ill. And ready for a nap. I didn't think reducing my calorie intake would have such a huge impact on my appetite so quickly.

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  1. Sorry I couldn't help you THAT much with the fries. I had my own hotdog to deal with. Oh, and you know, trying not to choke while screaming for Japan.

  2. I'm just glad the fries weren't as big as the ones in this picture :D

    I've been eating a LOT less the last week or so, and I think my stomach is shrinking even if my gut is not. Time for more Activia.


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