Activia Challenge

So, I'm a little tired of IBS, bloating, and generally feeling like crap. Or waking up with a mostly flat tummy and being bloated and uncomfortable by lunch time. I decided to take the Activia Challenge.

I actually started around the 18th or a little before, but I haven't been eating one every day like you're supposed to. Today I signed up on the website (hey, there's a coupon involved). Maybe I will use the tracker. Though the environmental geek in me is wondering "Why isn't there an app for that? Why make me waste paper? Then I have to carry it around" -- because, you know, I don't eat it at the same time every day. Here's to breakfast. And hopefully less IBS crap.
Digestive Tip Of The Day

Exercise regularly and abstain from smoking. While most people know that exercise offers overall health benefits, most people don’t know that it’s good for your digestive tract, too.†

† Source:


  1. My aid of choice is Yakult. Worked for me since I was a kid in Thailand and my mom swore by it. So praise the Lord that it goes mainstream US this past year.

    I use to drink it first thing in the morning, but now I'm experimenting with doing it at night. I think morning works best for me. Hahaha.


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