Photo Friday: Arranged

May 31, 2010
I was going to do a flower arrangement because that's what first popped into my head, but then I couldn't find one that I really liked. Then I thought I would do something completely new, but again was at a loss for a subject. This morning I was making waffles. It turned out that there was 1/4 left from one and the last of the batter only made a 3/4 waffle. I put it on the plate and voila! A Pac-Man like creation "arranged" on the plate. More fun than flowers any way.

Activia Challenge

May 28, 2010
So, I'm a little tired of IBS, bloating, and generally feeling like crap. Or waking up with a mostly flat tummy and being bloated and uncomfortable by lunch time. I decided to take the Activia Challenge.

I actually started around the 18th or a little before, but I haven't been eating one every day like you're supposed to. Today I signed up on the website (hey, there's a coupon involved). Maybe I will use the tracker. Though the environmental geek in me is wondering "Why isn't there an app for that? Why make me waste paper? Then I have to carry it around" -- because, you know, I don't eat it at the same time every day. Here's to breakfast. And hopefully less IBS crap.
Digestive Tip Of The Day

Exercise regularly and abstain from smoking. While most people know that exercise offers overall health benefits, most people don’t know that it’s good for your digestive tract, too.†

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Unusual May Weather

May 27, 2010

It was a dark and stormy. .. day. It rained in L.A. today. Usually it's hot, OK 75-80 degrees F and people are looking forward to swimming pools opening over the Memorial Day weekend. I'm still wearing my winter coat and not overheated at all.

Yes, that is a light dusting of snow on the foothills. Summer, where art thou?
May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -- The Washer Women at Ren Fair really know how to give a guy a good time.

Eat well dessert?

May 24, 2010

Eat well dessert?
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Since Fresh&Easy doesn't have a dessert line out for "Eat Well" yet, I
took matters into my own hands : -)  Lunch was the creamy basil
chicken. Dessert is the no sugar added, gluten free French vanilla
pudding. It even has 4g of protein and only 110 calories. Bon

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Chicken curry salad sandwich

May 19, 2010

Yesterday I had lunch at Mendocino Farms with Oakley . Thank goodness I have a foodie for a friend. This sandwich was amazing.
roasted chicken breast with green apples and dried cherries in a light mango curry dressing (no mayo), cucumber, organic farmer's market greens (like a spring mix), cranberry chutney, red pepper compote on curcama hazelnut bread
I had to eat it in two sittings it was so filling. I've never had curcama hazelnut bread before, and I am not a huge fan of hazelnuts, but it worked for this sandwich.

By the way, what is curcama? I couldn't find anything in English that wasn't related to either stress or GI cleansing when I looked it up.

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Desert flowers

May 13, 2010

Desert flowers
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The yellows are actually quite pretty this morning.
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