Arizona's Immigration Law and California

April 28, 2010
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the law does not seek to regulate immigration but merely adds state penalties for what are already federal crimes.

Under the legal doctrine of "concurrent enforcement," he said, states are allowed to ban what is already prohibited by federal law. As an example, he said, the courts have upheld efforts by California, Arizona and other states to enact sanctions against employers who hire illegal migrants.

Kobach, who is running as a Republican candidate for Kansas secretary of state, said he took care to include an explicit ban on using "race, color or national origin" as the sole basis for stopping someone to ask for papers. 

from LA Times

This is the end statement to a discussion I was having on twitter regarding Arizona's new immigration law and California's call for a boycott of that state (below is a sample of responses, I got more in-depth with some people).

daNanner: I dont get it. If you're here legally you don't have anything to worry about. Not to mention more americans will get jobs
about 3 hours ago

SoCalDaveL: @daNanner On the surface that's true. But what's next? Patrolmen at every checkpoint asking for "your papers"? Sounds like Nazi Germany.

WannabeCCIE: @daNanner I have hispanic friends there that are 100% legal and very afraid. Jews had nothing to fear as long as they had their papers too.

fstop23: @daNanner But if you're legally here & Hispanic in appearance, you stand a strong chance of being harassed #drivingwhilehispanic

paradoxmo: @daNanner I think people are concerned that resources are being taken away from more serious crimes and that Hispanics may be profiled.

boxspring: @daNanner If you're here legally and customs hasn't gotten updated paperwork to you on time (happens all the time), AZ can detain you.

boxspring: @daNanner If you were born here, but some yahoo thinks you don't look American enough and doesn't like what ID you have, off you go.

boxspring: @daNanner It's just set up to be abused, and it will be. I've spent enough time in AZ to know. :-(

pfont: @daNanner you do have something to worry about if they decide your legal papers aren't legit. Do I have to carry my birth certificate w/me?

harrymyhre: @daNanner what if you're here legally. Some dude says PAPERS PLEASE?? He messes up. You go to jail. That sucks
Apparently my statement was too long for

For the record I am for immigration reform. Is AZ doing it right? I don't know, but they are at least doing something. Regarding CA politicians calling for a boycott of AZ I think is absolutely ridiculous and a further waste of taxpayer time and money. Fix our state before complaining about the immigration policies of other states. As an American you can *choose* where you live. If you don't like AZ's policy, don't move there. #thatisall
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  1. I am a legal immigrant. I carry a copy of my green card on me at all times.

    Hey, the INS tells you when you get the green card you should have this on you at all time like your ID. I don't want to lose the actual card so I carry a copy with me at all times.

    I am not a US citizen, just a legal permanent resident. Hell, I expect to get asked for my green card if I ever get pulled over.

    However, I must say if they're going to check for papers, they have to check everybody...including you white folks. Hey, don't let the fair skinned immigrants get away scott free now! ;-D

  2. I can't believe this issue isn't making people aware of all the kidnappings going on in Arizona, or reminding people how eff'd up our government is in general.

    of course California is bitching about this - then they don't have to talk about how badly CA's been handled.

    I have compassion for people affected by any of these issues, but big-mutha-brother does not.

    flat bottom-line across-the-board rule: government likes the confusion/bickering & it's in the losers' best interest for it to not get better... if we can keep arguing about things most of us would have been over like 20 years ago, then there's no accountability for the powers that be...


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