I just want my music!!!

Now I remember why I hate Apple. Ok, hate is a strong word. Seriously dislike. It's supposed to be a really smart (translation no-brainer) OS that is truly plug-n-play. However, my mp3 player, a Haier ibiza Rhapsody (30GB), is not even detected as a mountable drive, after hours and hours and hours of trying to get it to work, I finally went over to my netbook. It sees it as an PMP as it should, but (whoops) there appears to be an error and it won't stay connected for more than a few minutes. That being said, the mac didn't detect it all, not even for a few moments. Lots of people pointed me to iSync  ... whatever happened to drag-and-drop? I don't even have an iTunes account! Mainly because I would only get free podcasts and Apple does not need my credit card info for free content (which is why I use Google Reader for most of my podcasts, no worries about content getting deleted either). I get my music from the Amazon mp3 downloads (you know, since it's already part of my phone and it's DRM-free files anyway).

Where was I .. oh yes, so the ibiza has bluetooth and that works fine but it wouldn't pair with the Mac and iSync came up with an error that it couldn't sync it either. So now my music solely resides on my player.  I also tried shutting down the Windows side, a hard reboot, etc. etc. Yesterday was just a hard day computer-wise. I am a Mac-killer. I can get this thing to freeze up in no-time flat. At least on Windows-based machines I know what I am doing.

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