Arizona's Immigration Law and California

April 28, 2010
updated with links and quotes:

Emphasis is mine
the law does not seek to regulate immigration but merely adds state penalties for what are already federal crimes.

Under the legal doctrine of "concurrent enforcement," he said, states are allowed to ban what is already prohibited by federal law. As an example, he said, the courts have upheld efforts by California, Arizona and other states to enact sanctions against employers who hire illegal migrants.

Kobach, who is running as a Republican candidate for Kansas secretary of state, said he took care to include an explicit ban on using "race, color or national origin" as the sole basis for stopping someone to ask for papers. 

from LA Times

This is the end statement to a discussion I was having on twitter regarding Arizona's new immigration law and California's call for a boycott of that state (below is a sample of responses, I got more in-depth with some people).

daNanner: I dont get it. If you're here legally you don't have anything to worry about. Not to mention more americans will get jobs
about 3 hours ago

SoCalDaveL: @daNanner On the surface that's true. But what's next? Patrolmen at every checkpoint asking for "your papers"? Sounds like Nazi Germany.

WannabeCCIE: @daNanner I have hispanic friends there that are 100% legal and very afraid. Jews had nothing to fear as long as they had their papers too.

fstop23: @daNanner But if you're legally here & Hispanic in appearance, you stand a strong chance of being harassed #drivingwhilehispanic

paradoxmo: @daNanner I think people are concerned that resources are being taken away from more serious crimes and that Hispanics may be profiled.

boxspring: @daNanner If you're here legally and customs hasn't gotten updated paperwork to you on time (happens all the time), AZ can detain you.

boxspring: @daNanner If you were born here, but some yahoo thinks you don't look American enough and doesn't like what ID you have, off you go.

boxspring: @daNanner It's just set up to be abused, and it will be. I've spent enough time in AZ to know. :-(

pfont: @daNanner you do have something to worry about if they decide your legal papers aren't legit. Do I have to carry my birth certificate w/me?

harrymyhre: @daNanner what if you're here legally. Some dude says PAPERS PLEASE?? He messes up. You go to jail. That sucks
Apparently my statement was too long for

For the record I am for immigration reform. Is AZ doing it right? I don't know, but they are at least doing something. Regarding CA politicians calling for a boycott of AZ I think is absolutely ridiculous and a further waste of taxpayer time and money. Fix our state before complaining about the immigration policies of other states. As an American you can *choose* where you live. If you don't like AZ's policy, don't move there. #thatisall
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Wells Fargo Does it Again

April 27, 2010
SAN FRANCISCO - JULY 16:  A Wells Fargo custom...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
So I just got off the phone with two different Wells Fargo Dealer Services representatives. After explaining my current employment unemployed status the first representative told me that I qualified for a deferment and would transfer me to that department.

So I get transferrred and repeat my request for a deferment. And get told that I won't qualify for one until I have another job. So my options are
  • get my car repossessed if I can't make payments
  • suffer the wrath of the bad credit gods because of late payments
Thanks a lot Wells Fargo. I try to fix something before it becomes a huge problem and you are once again unwilling to work with the customer.

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Beautiful Breakfast

April 11, 2010
I had the most beautiful breakfast - a buckwheat flour crêpe with fresh berries and some of the best whipped cream I have ever tasted. Great way to start the day. Now I just have to find a business center around here. I forgot to print out my itinerary for NAB Show as well as my badge info.

By the way, this delightful concoction can be found at Payard in Cesar's Palace.
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I just want my music!!!

April 9, 2010
Now I remember why I hate Apple. Ok, hate is a strong word. Seriously dislike. It's supposed to be a really smart (translation no-brainer) OS that is truly plug-n-play. However, my mp3 player, a Haier ibiza Rhapsody (30GB), is not even detected as a mountable drive, after hours and hours and hours of trying to get it to work, I finally went over to my netbook. It sees it as an PMP as it should, but (whoops) there appears to be an error and it won't stay connected for more than a few minutes. That being said, the mac didn't detect it all, not even for a few moments. Lots of people pointed me to iSync  ... whatever happened to drag-and-drop? I don't even have an iTunes account! Mainly because I would only get free podcasts and Apple does not need my credit card info for free content (which is why I use Google Reader for most of my podcasts, no worries about content getting deleted either). I get my music from the Amazon mp3 downloads (you know, since it's already part of my phone and it's DRM-free files anyway).

Where was I .. oh yes, so the ibiza has bluetooth and that works fine but it wouldn't pair with the Mac and iSync came up with an error that it couldn't sync it either. So now my music solely resides on my player.  I also tried shutting down the Windows side, a hard reboot, etc. etc. Yesterday was just a hard day computer-wise. I am a Mac-killer. I can get this thing to freeze up in no-time flat. At least on Windows-based machines I know what I am doing.

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I just want to blog...

April 7, 2010
Windows Live WriterImage via Wikipedia
... from my desktop!

I recently became the owner of a Mac mini. I'm trying to make the transition, but a lot of things that I can do easily on a Windows machine are becoming problematical on a Mac. Ok, well, so far just blogging (and adding music to my mp3 player, but that will be discussed in another post). I didn't realize how many web apps I used, so some things like email and document creation don't matter as much (thank you Google Docs).

I do run VMWare with Windows so I can run programs like Windows Live Writer but I thought I would look for something similar on the Mac side. I love Darren of Problogger who has a post covering just this topic:
14 Essential Mac OS X Applications for Bloggers: "A number of blogging friends have recently made the switch from using PCs to using Macs as their primary blogging machines.

Each time that one of them makes the move I tend to get an email or call a day or two later asking for advice on different applications to help with their blogging. Lately I’ve been saving my recommendations and have compiled them into a single email. I thought that I’d share it here on the blog also as I know many of you are Mac users.

Of course some of these 14 applications (not listed in any particular order) are not exclusive to Mac users – but hopefully it’ll give a little insight into the type of tools that I’m using.
but after looking at the blogging tools, nothing compares really to Windows Live Writer. Not to mention the cost, free.

A quick post to twitter brought the response BlogMate, which is a free plug-in for yet another paid app. I started this post using the BlogThis Chrome extension (luckily Chrome also runs on Mac), but I want something more robust and flexible. Windows Live Writer does much more than let me write posts on my desktop, I can add photos from my flickr account, save drafts, post drafts to my blog, have it connect to all of my blogs in one place (very nice for cross-posting), it imports my blog template so I will know exactly what the post looks like, allows much more flexibility of adding photos, videos, maps ... and so much more. Yes, I can do this all by hand, but Writer makes it so much easier. 

So, if someone out there knows of a Mac equivalent of WLW, let me know. Please!

-- transitioning PC user ...

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Poppy time

April 1, 2010

Poppy time
Originally uploaded by Nannerlady

The poppies are blooming again all over the Antelope Valley. I found these
beauties on my walk with the dogs today.
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