Another sunrise

Another sunrise
Originally uploaded by Nannerlady

I used to love watching the sunrise. It used to be a time of quiet and
solitude when I could recharge and reevaluate if need be. Now it just means
I made the train on time.

Today's sunrise was cool to me because of the way the clouds bisected the
sun. I hope it came out in the shot. I'm still seeing sunspots : -)


  1. I love sunrises, I used to love being in florida because you could see a sunrise and a sunset in the same trip off both shores...pure awesomeness

  2. Very nice. I'm more of a sunset person. I'm a night owl and mornings aren't always appreciated. But this is beautiful.

  3. Thanks you guys, Hank, I think I answered you in Buzz LOL!

    @Kekibird I love the sunsets too, especially at the beach. My schedule for a while there had me being a morning person, something I don't do well at all!


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