Melts in Your Mouth - Fresh and Easy Sweets Review

So I had had a satisfying dinner and needed dessert. Then I remembered that I hadn't opened up my latest Fresh & Easy box.

I was not disappointed. I have a new Hunk to enjoy on V-Day, some Swiss truffles that positively melt in your mouth and some kid-tested, mother-approved Snickerdoodles.

Onto the cookies. I don't make these but my mom does, so here's her review:
- Throughly cooked. Neither over- nor under-done
- Not overly sweet
- Quote "For a store bought cookie these are pretty good. I would buy these."

- Not much crinkle on top
- Needs more cinnamon. It should be evenly distributed over the surface of the cookie, not concentrated in the center.

Kid (that would be me) tested - cinnamon and sugar in a cookie. 'Nuf said. Crumbly, sweet, delicious. Now where's my cup of milk?

These would probably taste even better slightly warmed up in the microwave. The snickerdoodles are $2.59/8 count. Also, all natural so I don't have to worry about Josh eating them in the middle of the night.

Gourmet Swiss Truffles ($3.99/6.3 oz)
*happy sigh* Chocolate craving for the day satisified. O.K., maybe one more. The wrappers are mint and silver, denoting milk and dark chocolate. I'm a HUGE fan of dark chocolate these days, but the milk variety was just as delicious. Extremely smooth and I only needed one to satisfy my sweet tooth. That in itself is amazing.

One Huge Hunk $4.29/14.1 oz
I've had the Belgian Dark Hunk, and I can only eat one section of it at a time. The newest addition to the Hunk family (there's also a regular milk version) is a milk chocolate bar with candied pecans and fruit pieces. I may have to fight my mother for it. She saw "pecan" and her eyes lit up. I'll let you know how it goes.

~~Annette -- please excuse typos, sent from my phone.

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  1. Girlie, could you please pop this in over at the Temple as well? Thank you. ;-)

  2. I was going to congratulate you on the new hunk in your life...until I realized what it was.

    I don't think I have ever had truffles. I need to fix that.

  3. Tyrone,
    I'll let you know when/if I have a new hunk. In the meantime, let me direct you to why women think chocolate is better than men =)

    You really should have a truffle some time. Lindt makes some good ones for store bought/widely available.

  4. An excuse to have some good chocolate? Sign me up. I'm usually not crazy about chocolate, but once in a while, it really satisfies the palate.

    I just read that list - there's a few on there I haven't heard before.

  5. @Tyrone - makes me wonder why men don't have similar lists for women. ;-)

  6. Ah, you must not have seen one of the many (thousands) of variations on Why beer is better than women.

    I can't co-sign to all of the points, but it's still pretty funny.


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