How to Embarrass Me in Three Easy Steps

1. Tell marketing executives that I'm on twitter.

2. Tell them that I have thousands of followers.

3. Also tell them that I'm a (mommy) blogger. 

BONUS -- Have one of them ask "What do you tweet about?" Answer using the phrase "pimping" in relation to children's digital media. 

I could have died right then. Especially since I was sitting next to a VP whom I am pretty sure raised an eyebrow. The room followed with nervous laughter.

But of course I didn't. I plowed right ahead listing the other things I tweet about (which can be found in my bio if you haven't looked recently).

One interesting point brought up in this meeting was the lifecycle of "mommy bloggers" -- how they are really into it and prolific while their child(ren) are young and then it dies off in the upper elementary - high school years, and now some older women are picking it up as their child(ren) go(es) off to college. The "empty nesters".

And I found myself thinking that yes, I blogged more when I was a SAHM (by the way, how many successful "mommy bloggers" out there *are not* SAHM/WAHM? Just wondering) and I tweet tons about the Teen and try to balance blogging/tweeting (well, it _is_ micro-blogging) between the kids .... and that train of thought just derailed.

Suffice it to say that the meeting gave me a lot to think about my own blogging habits. I was never in it for the popularity, recognition, nor money. I'm one of the few who uses it to express my opion, keep friends and family updated, and the occassional emotional and mental core dump.

And on that note, it's time to get Joy, a.k.a. the Intrepid Princess. More on (mommy) blogging later.

Leave a comment if you want to know other ways to embarrass me at the drop of a hat.

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  1. Good question re: moms who blog and work. It seems to be the minority.

    *Not that moms who are not in the office don't work. When I'm home with the mighty tot, it's harder than some days in the office.

  2. I think it is good that you blog about a variety of things and not just centered around being a "Mommy Blogger" as it is important to have a sense about yourself and not be known just as a Mom.

  3. Tyrone,

    I am so with you on working sometimes being easier than taking care of the kids.


    Thanks for your support :) now where's your latest post?


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