16/365 - Windows Vista display driver error

I'm going to scream. This Acer V173 says it works with Windows Vista. A friend rebuilt my mom's computer and installed Vista. Ask me if I know how to support Vista? The answer is no. Ask me if I know which version of Vista shes's running. The answer is no (ok, she's running Home Premium but I don't know if it's 32-bit or 64-bit).

So I'm doing the usual. Since it won't *automatically* install the correct driver for a *Plug-and-Play* monitor I went to the Acer website and downloaded the driver. Unzip it. Reboot. Computer finds hardware. Tell it where to find driver. Guess what?! It can't find the driver.

An hour later the correct driver for the _motherboard_ is installed and the yellow error question mark in device manager is gone. I reboot into regular windows and ... that damn display driver error is still there. And her monitor flickers, the keyboard and mouse stop responding and ... hard reboot. At least her system works in safe mode. Windows, I hate you now. I curse the engineers who came up with Vista.

I'm now downloading and installing Vista Service Pack 2. Cross your fingers. If/when I give up I'm just going to suggest that she run it in safe mode until I can find my XP disc and regress it. XP is better than Vista when the hardware is not built to support it. *headdesk*

~~Annette -- please excuse typos, sent from my phone.


  1. It's the video card causing the problems, not the monitor or "display". Install ALL the windows updates, even the option ones. If that doesn't fix it then get the latest drivers from nvidia or ATI for your video card and it should fix it.

  2. @djskunkdiesel integrated video card on the motherboard. Had to find some obscure asus driver. Monitor still flickers but it's a lot better. Where were you last night when I needed you? =)


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