Sarah Jane Adventures

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This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands, I channel surf. Today I am working from home and I need background noise (not related to appliances doing their jobs). Be right back, need to reboot the laundry.

Now where was I? Oh yes, I love English television, not sure why. I surely don't watch enough of it.

Today, flipping through, I got caught up in lilting vowels and such ... and apparently Syfy also offers children's programming, of a sort. I'm watching the Sarah Jane Adventures, a spin-off from Dr. Who :) Other than the language (proper English, NOT bad words), there is a certain film quality to the BBC. ... What caught my attention was that this one deals with 1980's V-style aliens gobbling up children, a know-it-all computer, and a cheesy human villian (who gets taken down by one of the kids). What's not to love? Oh yes, the teens are heroes along with Sarah Jane. I really need to get a DVR, so much TV to catch up on ... back to work I go.

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  1. We're Dr. Who and Torchwood fans in our house so I know of Sarah Jane but have never watched her show. Hoory for British TV!

  2. All three seasons are available on Netflix. I added them to my queue, I just wish they were available for instant watch.


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