Food Allergies Suck

So I'm sitting here at work, noshing on some simply delicious(ly) decorated sugar Christmas cookies when a wave of nostalgia hits me. I used to make batches and batches of Christmas cookies with the kids. One year we made a bunch of care boxes to send overseas. Another I let Josh mix and make all of the sugar crystals. His allergies to red 40 have become so severe that he can't even let it touch his skin without a reaction. No candy canes on the christmas tree for him to eat (or his sister, out of respect). We actually like the Starburst ones more ... (ok, well, my mom got cinnamon candy canes, but there's so much red on them Josh just avoids out of a sense of self-preservation).

This whole year has been topsy-turvy. I don't have my own space to continue the few traditions we had. My mom mentioned that I'm sorta neutral about Christmas this year. And I am. Better than last year when I was feeling grinchy and didn't want to do *anything* Christmas related.

Again, food allergies suck. Time to find some new traditions. Anyone know of any natural food coloring? ...

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  1. I'm sure Wholefoods will have something. Beets would do for red? Or maybe rhubarb?

    Back in Thailand, we use a lot of flowers and plants for coloring.

  2. Sugarbeets for sure. Joy used to suck on rhubarb when she was teething, but I never cooked with it.

    How are you feeling? Still sick?


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