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Photo Friday: From My Past

Well, I took this a little over 5 years ago. Front to back: Rosie, Kim, Gina, Angie, Debbie. I don't really talk to any of them anymore though I know that three of them are on Facebook. It was a good Women's Retreat that year. Joy was about 2, so I'm guessing the lack of blogging about it is because I was running around likea chicken with my head cut off those days :)

Spiritual Warfare

Those of you who don't believe in it and don't want to know about it can skip this one. The rest of you ... Disclaimer - my spiritual life at the present moment absolutely stinks, but when the Holy Spirit tells you to do something, you do it. Twice in less than 24 hours I have been led to not only pray, but pray hard for a friend. Get down on my knees, bow down in supplication, pour out my heart pray. I'm crying now as I write this at an hour I am normally asleep. I don't know what's going on in this person's life. We don't talk much anymore. We don't live in the state. We have a few mutual friends and that's how I am kept aware of generalities. Something in the last week has happened. I don't know what. All I know is that since it was brought to my attention I've been preternaturally worried and concerned. And every time I think about contacting this person, instead of doing so, I am led to pray as if a life depended on it. And the w

Today Was A Good Day

Cue Ice Cube music ... No, really. Today was better than expected. I have been off my game *ALL WEEK* and still a little off. But the last half of the day rocked. Things came together. Stunt site launched . Other sites delivered to be worked on Monday. I'll worry about Omniture on Monday too. Special delivery made by the most awesome Cheryl (aka @ Jasperblu -- she has a Seattle-based concierge business). All-in-all I couldn't ask for a better ending. (video chosen because I actually know who P.Rod is, thanks to Josh)

Photo Friday: Softness

Photo Friday: Softness Originally uploaded by Nannerlady A towel fresh out of the dryer - soft and warm ~~Annette -- please excuse typos, sent from my phone.

How I Really Spent Halloween

So, Halloween was not spent how I expected. As usual on a Saturday I was flippin' exhausted and napped. I had hoped to have enough energy to take Joy to a local church's Fall Festival instead of trick-or-treating (since she cleaned up at my office anyway). But instead, we ended up doing a little bathroom chemistry with my mom and watching Prince Caspian . The Process Pour 1 cup baking soda into clogged drain. It's O.K. if it doesn't go all the way down Pour 3 cups of boiling water on top of the baking soda.  Follow with 1 cup white vinegar Repeat as necessary until drain is clear. Instead of using Drano, we used this process and we had all the items on hand (Costco-sized bag of baking soda helped) and it only took two repitions to clear my mom's drain. It took three on mine. Another bonus, instead of waiting 15 minutes per the Drano instructions, this took only as long as boiling 3 cups of water :-)