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I need a little help from my friends

So earlier this morning I threw out a question and got a ton of responses. But first, some background:

It's been almost a year since I publicly posted that I was ready to lose weight. And in that time I have managed to ... add "Eat to Live" to my wish list. I've also bought about 10 different books from Amazon but not that one (Lazy 1: Me 0) I've also gained 5-10 lbs depending on the time of the month (ladies, can I get an "Amen"?).

I know a HUGE contributing factor is that I am a desk jockey. When I ran a daycare we got out everyday, even during the rainy season (ok, maybe not, but I know I didn't keep 8 kids cooped up inside my house and I remember washing a lot of towels...) ... I digress, I started gaining weight like mad when I closed my daycare and started working a desk job again. I have a 90-120 minute commute everyday, I work 8-10 hours per day (yay for OT at the moment) and I like my sleep. I don't get enough as it is. My mother thinks…

Photo Friday: In the Details

I took this at my friend Peter's wedding a few weeks ago. They never let go unless they had to. :)

Being Present

Here I am at my daughter's cheerleading clinic, without my camera. At least with my camera in my hands I am more likely to look through the viewfinder and pay attention to what's going on. I like to people watch, and take pictures. Especially of my daughter in action.

Instead of doing that though, I'm tweeting and generally giving off an anti-social vibe. I'm not comfortable around these parents - for a variety of reasons, number one being I don't know a living soul here. I have no IDEA where my kids get their out-going personalities from. It's not from me!

But I was thinking, "I'm tweeting, and looking up things for people online, and barely paying attention to what's going on in front of me. Why is it so hard to *be* present, in the present?"

I know part of the answer is that I get bored easily when sitting still. Did I mention that these bleachers are hard on the bum??? I'm not all that interested in cheerleading either, but my daughter …

Wordless Wednesday: Siblings - circa 1986


Dark Chocolate Heaven

Let me start by saying "mmmmmmmmmm". This pudding beats Jell-O® hands-down. So very yummy.

I've been craving chocolate and Fresh and Easy's Dark Chocolate pudding hits the spot. It's thick, creamy, smooth, and most importanly, very chocolaty. The secret? Real ingredients. Milk, chocolate, vanilla, etc.

I sighed in pefect contentment as the smooth chocolate pudding hit my expectant taste buds. It was the perfect ending to a stressful night. It's also the perfect size for dessert or a mid-afternoon snack. Bonus, it's all-natural and gluten free. And in my case tonight, guilt-free too.