Today's post is brought to you by the number 9 and the letter "F" - for frantic, frazzled, frenzied, and be-fuddled.

I've been busy with work, my commute is a bit longer, but these are in general good things. The being employed is. I am not ready to join the ranks of the "funemployed". Besides, I'm not sure I know anyone funemployed who also has kids to raise ... but I digress.

Just a quick update on this most auspicious of days - I'm behind on everything personal since I got moved to another department in mid-August. I will eventually find the time to get back to photo processing, blogging on a regular basis and um ... everything else I used to do. My brain and stomach are demanding lunch now (another side effect of this job, I'm up earlier and hungry by noon!). I miss tweeting, and facebooking, and flickring, and going on photoshoots, and all that fun stuff.

In other news, anyone going to see "9" tonight or this weekend?

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