Review - G.I. Joe

Well, my first impression was

Oh, and the guy cast as Duke (Channing Tatum) was a nice piece of eye-candy with good on-screen chemistry with Marlon Wayans.

Other than that … what the heck did they do to the back story??? The Baroness and Duke? Scarlett and Ripcord??? What ‘Verse are they trying to put this in??

Then again, I wasn’t a huge Joe fan as a kid. Much more my brother’s thing. I will have to say that at least this time people died. My father’s biggest complaint about G.I. Joe when I was a kid was that it didn’t correctly portray war. People die in war. The good guys don’t always win, and if you are in the military, you damn better well have better aim than the Joes did. (OK, he didn’t say damn).

I needed some brainless action footage and G.I. Joe delivered.


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