Family Reunion Roadtrip – Part 2


I wish I had an eidetic memory so I could properly caption the photo. In lieu of that, TAKE A LOOK AT MY WONDERFUL FAMILY!

What an amazing day! It was an incredible experience to meet everyone, most for the first time. It was good seeing Katie and Andrew again, the last time was about 12 years ago. Actually, the last time I saw a lot of my relatives (on this side of the family) was 12 years ago at Grandma Helen’s 100th birthday celebration. Bonus: it turns out that we have cousins less than an hour away down this way. The boys got some bonding time in over ice-cream churning.

Josh and Seth churning ice cream

Now that I have had a day or so to think about it, I am already starting to forget things.

Memorable moments

  • Seeing my grandmother for the first time since I’ve moved back to CA. I didn’t realize how much I have missed her
  • Right after the large group photo was taken Aleta said “now let’s separate by color”. I was one of the photographers and blurted out “Wha..?” and then started laughing as it clicked. What she should have said was something along the lines of separating by nametag color O.K., you had to be there, but the whole group started laughing.
  • Getting to know people via the “Relatively Speaking” Bingo, especially Randy and his waffle iron collection.
  • Getting to see the old barn on the original Elmore homestead
  • Sandy Lawrence introducing me to the Magnum, by way of tossing the white zin I was drinking! I usually don’t do reds, but that was delish and no headache!
  • S’mores
  • Realizing that there are a lot of bossy women in our family!
  • Most memorable moment for me – When Olivia said that (Gr’ma) Celia was the person who inspired her the most for her groundbreaking marriage … Josh said “Why?” and then “Oh! I don’t see Black and White anymore.” – We’ve come a long way baby!
  • Actually having a good road trip with both my mom and son in the car

A Bit of Family History

grandpatalley My grandmother, Celia Elmore (above - 2nd row, 1st on the right) married my grandfather, Manuel Talley in 1950, just months after the laws against inter-racial marriage were repealed in California. They had three daughters, the youngest of whom is my mother. My mother also married inter-racially – or not, considering that both my parents qualify as mixed … but anyways, and then I had Josh, who is mixed Vietnamese and … me. Which is why he tends to identify as Asian – he’s 50% unmuddled :)

Looking at the picture that this came from, my niece Loren looks a lot like Aleta as a child. Wow.

Family Tree


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  1. What an awesome family history!

  2. It is! I just thought I should explain why Josh said what he did and why.

    Thanks for reading, I loved your BlogHer recap. Unicorn horn indeed!


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