Family Reunion Roadtrip – Part 1

So we made quite the trek today after Mom got off work and Josh got out of school. It would be more impressive if I had gone to Vegas and back, but I’m smart enough to know that my back wouldn’t have taken 16+ hours in the car in one day.

View Larger Map – Lancaster to Santa Rosa

We gassed up at Costco and grabbed some Wendy’s for dinner. Finally on the freeway about 6:30 PM. We left a few hours later than anticipated, but definitely not as late as we could have. For some reason I was feeling optimistic that we would get to the hotel around 11. Don’t ask me why, it’s a seven hour trip with no traffic …

Less than an hour into the trip, Josh “assumed the position”
2009-07-31 19.04.26

Headphones in, chair back, happily passed out. He woke up a little later and was up till 3AM. Talk about a re-charge. And he finished his book. Next up, James A. Owens’ The Indigo King (Imaginarium Geographica Book 3), if we can find it. I had made a joke with my mom that if Josh finished his book tonight I would probably have to stop at a B&N or Border’s on the way home. When he announced that he had finished his book, she asked “So what are you going to read on the way home?” He answered, “We can just stop at a bookstore.” Yeah, I know my son. And I know that because he enjoys reading, I will cave and buy him books. There are worse things in life. Really need to get that boy a Lancaster Library card though …

Got gas in … somewhere near @califmom. I tweeted it and she let me know that I could DM if we got stuck (thanks lady, much appreciated, glad I didn’t have to call you late at night!)

Finally made it to Santa Rosa about 1:45 AM.

Josh and I were a little pumped (Code Red Game Fuel, FTW!) Even my late night insomniac friends seem to have gone to sleep. So Josh and I watched “You Got Served” together and then he went to bed.

That’s it for now. We get to meet long-lost relatives tomorrow and I will be taking lots of pictures …

good night. I need some sleep.

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