Dreaming of Drupal Modules …

Drupal Camp Recap: I’m getting settled in for a nice summer’s nap as dreams of Drupal modules dance through my head.

DCLA-Badge-GoingWow, what a day today has been. I have always said that I love learning new things and today … I got served :) There was SO MUCH to absorb! And not enough time! If I end up getting hooked on Drupal, I will be attending the High Desert User Group. I’m so new to Drupal that I did my very first install last night with Oakley.

Right now I am sitting on @oakmonster’s couch, drinking ginger tea (way overstuffed from dinner) and trying to digest all that I have learned today. Foremost of which is, I need me some CSS, SQL, and PHP skills if I am going to be touching a database and designing templates. I have learned that I can do a Drupal install on my local machine quite easily, (thank you Acquia!) and even install modules from the Drupal website and have them work. CCK Demystified really made something *click*.

I have a ton of ideas running around in my head and am reminded of the Vignette > Tridion migration I did for UBOC last year, but now I understand so much more. Now I get to be the one creating the forms, fields, and everything else needed to build and/or migrate a site. It’s got my creativity juices flowing. Hopefully I can hang onto my enthusiasm and not get bogged down in too many details.

Tomorrow I go in for Day 2. Sessions will include Image Handling, Ubercart, Migrating a site from Desktop to Live, cta-sidebar-chix and a session on FOSS - free open source software. I will end the day geeked out and brain numb. All in all, a good weekend I think.

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