Sushi, Friends, and Stevie Wonder!

Wow! What a Monday night. Not sure the rest of the week can compare. I met @troyredington and @jeremydlawrence of FatWallet, and @chews for what I thought would be a quick meet'n'greet. Let me tell you, those guys are TONS OF FUN! @chews has incredible energy and it was fun geeking out at The Snug (cider on tap!) After about 2 hours of talking about 3gs hacking, Wii hacking, awesome entertainment systems, and @mindsharelabs we got hungry. Headed over to The Pit Fire, who were closed, opted for Tokyo Delves down the street.

EPIC WIN!!! People have been telling me for months to just go there, "It's an experience" they say. No $#!+ Sherlock! Wow!!! Sushi meets karaoke and live entertainment. Even the chefs dance. And the chicken dance.

Our waitress/hostess Lauren was simply awesome, the bartender Mike did a really good MJ tribute and 'NSync routine (though I still contend that the best part of that was watching @chews. I didn't take any pictures or video of that though). Sake bombs. Dragon boat of yummy sushi goodness.

The best part of the night? My jaw hitting the floor when Stevie Wonder walked in for dinner. And sat at the table behind us.

A few photos below, and video of the sake bombs. Hoping to meet up with them one more time before @troyredington and @jeremydlawrence head back to the Midwest.

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  1. I gotta come visit LA.

  2. What's up with that Fatwallet link going to blogger instead of Are you messing with me because i'm an SEO? :P

  3. @Mud

    Totally fixed! Sorry about that! I don't know how the link got busted.


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