Blogger Fail?

Well, it's hard to be a --->
(gotta watch my mouth cuz my mom reads this blog now) when your readers ability to post comments fails. I was only alerted to it when I put out a plea regarding all of the cool people visiting my site but not saying anything. I was concerned about not being relevant. And that well may be the case since I break all sorts of good blogging rules, but hey, this my blog, my online mental and emotional core dump (and trust me, I still save you from the worst of it) ...

But I digress.

Anyway, the comment function is working again. If you do find that it is NOT and would like to leave a comment, please find me on twitter @daNanner, send me a message on Facebook, or

Please, leave a comment. I like the dialog. And Blogger, I am really getting tired of this. I have used your service since 2001, don't make me move now.