Another Candle in the Wind

I woke up this morning to two heart-breaking tweets back-to-back. People were informing me that Eric De la Cruz had passed away over the holiday weekend. On July 4th to be exact. Veronica didn’t announce it until late last night.


My heart breaks and I wonder if there wasn’t more I could have/should have done. Once Eric arrived at UCLA and made it onto the donor list I went back to my old avatar and didn’t tweet about him as much. I didn’t think there was anything more for me to do.

But there is. We still need healthcare reform in this country. So please, contact your state representatives, sign the petitions, do whatever it takes to get health care reformed in this country. It’s appalling that we have so much wealth and yet so many Americans are uninsured and can’t afford quality health care.

Rest in peace, Eric. I’m sorry I never got to know you.

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