Why are powerpoint presentations now called "decks"?



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daNanner: Why are powerpoint presentations now called "decks"?
about 25 minutes ago
phraktyl: Because you used to arrange physical slides into "decks" to show them. Old terminology.
about 24 minutes ago
Enoxh: Someone decided to call stacks of cards power point presentations..avoids literary confusion...
about 24 minutes ago
jstolle: No freakin' clue. When you find out, please enlighten me.
about 22 minutes ago
BlackLotus73: I don't know but please share the answer when u find out ;)
about 19 minutes ago
GladstoneX: Only if they're printed... Yeah... It's stupid.
about 18 minutes ago


  1. Okay, so I work on "decks" all the time and have never braved asking my boss this question. Thank you for the clarification. It so makes sense now... I guess. LOL!

  2. Never heard of it until you mention it just now.

  3. I've always called them Powerpoint presentations until recently when I kept hearing "can you send that deck over?" Weird. Glad some people knew the why of it.


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