Tooth Fairy

Elizabeth Donovan, M.A of  wrote a comprehensive article on the Tooth Fairy (you know you believed and you make your kids believe for a time) and used one of my ideas (see below).

Tooth Fairy: "How parents make the tooth fairy’s visit fun?

* Leave a unique token: Leaving a unique tooth fairy token when your daughter’s first tooth is lost (or for each tooth) is a memorable way to celebrate the occasion. Annette Holland, mother of two and author of the blog Musings, recalls “For both of my children, the Tooth Fairy gave them golden Sacagawea dollars.” Giving your child a unique trinket provide lifelong keepsakes and give your children something special to look forward to with the loss of each tooth.

* Tooth fairy certificate: Create your own personal “Tooth Fairy Award or Certificate” to commemorate the occasion. You may also find pre-designed “Tooth Fairy Certificates” online.

* Throw a ‘Loose Tooth’ party: When your child loses her first tooth, it’s usually a big deal. When my eldest daughter got her first loose tooth, we had a “Loose Tooth Party” and made a special chocolate cake to mark the occasion together."
(emphasis mine)

If you and your child are about to enter that phase of life, I highly recommend Elizabeth’s article.