Talk Geek to Me, Baby

Ready for some good, clean, fun?

Recently, quite by accident, Scott McGrew and I have developed quite the meme on twitter. It all started on April 26th. Well, maybe a day or so earlier, but that is the first time I used #talkgeektome (yup, I take full responsibility, ok, partial. He replied and kept it going, and going and going…).

It was supposed to be a joke. Not an ongoing intellectual HAWT (both definitions, thankyouverymuch) conversation. I think I was debating on whether or not to get a USB powered external HDD or go for the one with an external power supply. I still haven’t decided, by the way. But I did order a replacement power supply for my existing Western Digital HDD (Zoe got bored one day… another story). I think I have been having too much fun getting to know people with extremely sexy minds and clean (enough for government work) minds.

And I’m learning so much!!! I have my own brand of geek, but as we get more and more into it I’m learning a lot. Especially about servers and network management. Go figure.

I love being in the #hashtagmafia (makes me add random hashtags to conversations). Who knew that it would bring me so much fun. And thank you @Texskiss for putting me and Scott together in a #followfriday tweet. I don’t think we would have found each other any other way.

Back to work, I can barely keep my train of thought long enough to finish this post …


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  1. Zoe, I've setup a custom FeedServer just for your blog. With reporting and searchable attention analytics. Get ready to be aggregated. #talkgeektome


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