You know you tweet too much when …

A total stranger knows things about you like:

  • you’re a night owl
  • you only watch Castle
  • you have two kids, their names, hobbies, and ages
  • you are a photography nut
  • you tweet a lot

Now mind you, this person mostly just follows me during the day, or I thought she did. We found it quite funny that she could tell her friends things about me and yet tonight was the first time we had met in person.

Just more proof that I need an intervention. Or that this new policy of transparency is something that I am really, very, extremely good at. On the other hand, I could just tweet too much information.


  1. Someone once said you should only tweet 22 times a day. Yet another person that doesn't understand Twitter....

  2. There's no way I could limit myself to that few! Some days I get more replies than that in an hour (or so it seems). And then of course I have to reply ... I guess @ev, @jack, and @biz never saw the conversational aspect of twitter evolving. But that's another blog post.

  3. Also, you tweet too much when you start tweeting in your dreams.... get out of my head people!!!


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