Review - Hannah Montana The Movie

hannahmontanathemovie_238x257Try it, you’ll like it!!!

My daughter is the big Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus fan in the family and she really, really, really, to the nth degree really wanted to see this movie. And since we didn’t make Shark Nights like I had planned, I promised to take her to see it. I was pleasantly surprised.

Truth be told, I would see it again just for Billy Ray Cyrus and Rascal Flatts. The story flowed well, with a well-written plot. A sweet teen love-story sans sex and (not too much) drama. There's a plot-twist or two to keep you interested, some the physical comedy that the TV show is known for, and plenty of songs to warrant me buying the soundtrack for my daughter. Being a Disney movie with a music star in it I wasn’t sure if I was expecting a bad musical or a large screen version of the show.

Blessedly, it was neither. The music scenes carried the movies along like any good soundtrack and enhanced the country feel of it. It was more emotionally mature than the TV show on many levels, but still enjoyable for the 6-8 crowd.

If you have someone in your life in the targeted age group, this is a good movie to take them to. Even the boys in the audience like it. Happy

Last, but not least, the next dance craze

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