Be an Inspiration - #GNO

I missed #GNO again, but @Carissa_MomIF, wonderful woman that she is, got me the questions. Seems last night’s guest was @inspiremetoday.

  1. In your everyday life, what inspires you the most?

    Nature. The colors, the smells, the peacefulness of it all when you can get away from the craziness of our busy lives. Nature inspires me to rethink my plans, goals, etc. Inspires me to re-center myself so that I can be the best person possible, for myself and those around me.

  2. What are you the most grateful for in this moment?

    For all the help my mom has been giving me over the last two months, especially with my son. He’s not a handful, but I work far from home and she’s taken up a lot of tasks that I should be doing.

  3. What is the kindest thing you've done for someone else today?

    I honestly don’t know.

  4. What is the kindest thing that someone has done for you today?

    Image of Henie from TwitterImage of Henie

    I met @Hennartonline for lunch, but she treated. So kindness was heaped on me.

  5. We all know that we are not what happens around us. How do you stay grounded to who you really are?

    I wouldn't stay grounded without my friends.

  6. If you could do anything in the world and you knew you couldn't fail, how have the greatest +impact on the world?

    That’s a biggie. I have no idea what my potential is to do good. Infinite I would assume, given the parameters of the question. I would probably go back to my dream of being a doctor. My motivation was always to help people, especially children, to have a better quality of life. My paternal grandmother (God rest her soul) accused me of being too kind-hearted and that I would most likely end up a “hut doctor” practicing in some impoverished country. It didn’t sound like that bad of an idea 16 years ago and it still doesn’t sound that bad. So long as I have an internet connection….

  7. In what way do you allow fear to be a roadblock to your success?

    I am terribly afraid of failure. I don’t tend to try things that I know I have at least a good chance of succeeding at. Again, friends to the rescue. Rightly or wrongly they build up my confidence till I get up the balls to jump. Oddly enough, I think it’s getting easier with age.

  8. What is your biggest obstacle to success?

    There is nothing to fear except fear itself. But it’s an awfully big thing. Especially fear of the unknown. So, my biggest obstacle to success is myself and self-doubt.

  9. If you could have 1 thing now to skyrocket you to success, what would that be?

    Like everyone else, funding Big Grin. Money is always an obstacle when you don’t have it.



  1. Don't you just lurve #GNO & MIF? I've met so many wonderful people, and all these talented women inspire me! I would say thought that the woman who inspired me most was my grandmom, who lived to be 101! No there was one independent woman who survived 3 husbands & had a mine of her own! I wish I knew her during the Roaring 20s!

  2. Sorry for the typos, crumbs in my keyboard!


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