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I found this fascinating quote today:

Can you conceive of a situation where you might actually have to ask people for help? Or want to promote something? Anything? Garage sale? Sell your house? Help your spouse or kid find a job? Raise money for a sick friend or relative? You can certainly get on the phone and call people, or send out a group email to all your friends and contacts. But most people, without the benefit of a social network, don't have the network power to make the kind of difference that can be made with a healthy group of online contacts.

From Craig Fisher's Blog

You should read the whole article.


  1. Hmmm, perhaps in some instances. I live in a smaller community though and as such its very helpful, friendly and giving. I realise not every place is like that though.

  2. Wow. It looks different around here.

    Social networking has really made a difference.

  3. Annette- when I lived in OR it was this way, at least regarding in-person help.

    The networking that Craig talks about has come in QUITE useful for both me and some of my online friends and acquaintances when it comes to finding a job.

  4. @Harriet

    Heh, well, I used to change my background seasonallly. I have actually gone back to the base of my old design.


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