SQUEEEEE!!!!! Fan-girl fainteth

Tee Morris, Scott Sigler, and Pip Ballantine

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So, guess what?!?!?!?!?!? You’ll never guess!!!

O.K., I guess I can tell you.

I got to talk with Tee Morris for almost 2 hours on Sunday (3/21)!!! Yes, that Tee Morris if you bother to read my blog at all.

Tee is working on a book for Que Publishing and somehow it came about that I get to be a consultant for the chapter on G1s (that’s gotta earn me #geekgirl points too, right)?

I was thrilled, and charmed, and surprised. Thrilled that he would even consider giving me his phone number (I promise not to stalk you, Tee), instead of over Skype. Charmed at how well he handled the interview, including getting me back on track when I’d go off on some tangent (like how talking to him was totally unlike when I met David Brin, though we didn’t talk about that). And surprised at how easily we had a conversation. Truly, it was more like a conversation than any sort of interview or brain picking. And he didn’t misquote me!

If you have no idea about Twitter, and want an intelligent, witty overview as well as reviews of all the ways you can tweet, I encourage you to get the book when it hits the shelves.

Yes, he’s just a guy. But a fun guy that I absolutely cannot wait to meet. Just to chat with, because we have stuff in common beyond the fact that he’s a fantasy writer and I read way more fantasy than I should. And now to make plans to get to Dragon*Con….

SQUEEEEE! that was fun! now I have to find a way to get to DragonCon -- not stalking @Teemonster, really, I'm not

Really, I’m not stalking him….

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