I tend to forget that I need to decompress every now and again. I'm so rushed, and busy, and tend to squeeze activities into every little bit of spare time, that I rarely actually take time for myself.
To rest.
To recuperate.
To decompress.
To reflect.

To be still.

Some days I think I might have forgotten how. My mind certainly doesn't know how to be still. Right now, I am in a hiding place, soaking up some much needed sun, but also enjoying the solitude. I'm forcing myself to stay off twitter and IM for more than a few minutes in the hopes that I can reset to some state of quietude.

I don't meditate very well, I tend to fall asleep when I do. Right now, just the act of focusing on the sun on my skin, my face, my arms, the wind blowing through my hair, listening to the pigeons, and breathing. Slowly and deeply, needs to be enough.

I need this. I need to get away and find a quiet place more often. I have no center anymore, which could explain a lot of my stress. One of these days I will listen to my own advice. It's O.K. to be alone.


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