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Photo Friday: Extreme Closeup

Spiral Bound 15/365 Originally uploaded by Nannerlady taken from my Project 365 Spiral Bound 15/365 Well, I am stretching the limits of my camera phone instead of my photography skills. Or maybe a little of both since I have to work on lighting, framing, and a myriad of other details to get a good shot. Today is the second day in a row that my 365 submission comes from my phone. This one is inspired by the Project 365 Discussion Group Week 2 ... killing 2 birds with one stone =) Let me know what you think.

Running on Empty 87/365

Running on Empty 87/365 Originally uploaded by Nannerlady It seems like I am always running on empty mentally, spiritually, physically, literally, and figuratively.

Mouthwatering Monday: Grilled Salmon with Maple - Dill Glaze

I never did get around to posting this … so for this week, here’s to omega-3 fatty acids :) Truth in reporting, this is one recipe for salmon that is on my list of "To Try". My kids and I all love salmon, but they prefer it baked with veggies , a simple butter and dill seasoning, or with Cajun seasonings. Maple - Dill Glaze 1.5 tsp Dijon Mustard 1TBSP balsalmic vinegar 1/4 cup maple syrup 1/2 tsp finely minced garlic 1 tsp dill weed 1/2 tsp salt 2 TBSP canola oil 4 (4-6 oz.) salmon fillets, rinsed and patted dry 1 (16 oz.) bag frozen vegetables Directions :  1. Whisk together mustard, vinegar, syrup, garlic, dill, and salt. Gradually whisk in oil. Place 3 TBSP glaze in a resealable storage bag with salmon. Marinate for at least an hour in the fridge. 2. Brush grill pan with oil and heat over medium-high heat (or breakout the George Foreman). Once grill is hot, place fillets, skin side up, in pan. Cook 10-12 minutes, turning onc

This Brand is Your Brand

I found this fascinating quote today: Can you conceive of a situation where you might actually have to ask people for help? Or want to promote something? Anything? Garage sale? Sell your house? Help your spouse or kid find a job? Raise money for a sick friend or relative? You can certainly get on the phone and call people, or send out a group email to all your friends and contacts. But most people, without the benefit of a social network, don't have the network power to make the kind of difference that can be made with a healthy group of online contacts. From Craig Fisher's Blog You should read the whole article .

Sunrise 85/365

Image by Nannerlady via Flickr Doing that best mom ever thing, taking Josh to Disneyland before heading into work on Thursday (3/26) morning. We were both impressed by the sunrise. Even though I complain a lot about the Antelope Valley, I have gotten some of my best shots here. The desert is beautiful.

SQUEEEEE!!!!! Fan-girl fainteth

Image by corwinok via Flickr So, guess what?!?!?!?!?!? You’ll never guess!!! O.K., I guess I can tell you. I got to talk with Tee Morris for almost 2 hours on Sunday (3/21)!!! Yes, that Tee Morris if you bother to read my blog at all. Tee is working on a book for Que Publishing and somehow it came about that I get to be a consultant for the chapter on G1s (that’s gotta earn me #geekgirl points too, right)? I was thrilled, and charmed, and surprised. Thrilled that he would even consider giving me his phone number (I promise not to stalk you, Tee), instead of over Skype. Charmed at how well he handled the interview, including getting me back on track when I’d go off on some tangent (like how talking to him was totally unlike when I met David Brin , though we didn’t talk about that). And surprised at how easily we had a conversation. Truly, it was more like a conversation than any sort of interview or brain picking. And he didn’t misquote me! If you have no idea ab

SoCal Business Directory of Twitter Folk

Because so many of my friends have started their own businesses, I decided to showcase them on my blog. If you have a local (Southern California) business that you would like placed here, just leave your info in the comments and I will get it added to the post. You can also contact me on twitter (@ dananner) to get added to the directory. Business : Vintage Lingerie Location : Long Beach Website : Sweet Cherry Vintage Lingerie Business : AVON Representative Location : Long Beach Website : Twitter Name : @ divacowgirl Business : Car Enthusiasts – Buy/Sell/Trade Location : Orange County Website : Twitter Name: @ yukihoang and @ fakerich Business : Wedding and Event Photography Location : Long Beach Website : David Martinez Photography – Currently on hiatus, but check back often Twitter Name : @ davidmartinez Business: Clothing Outlet Location: 26305 Jefferson Ave, Suite C, Murrietta Website: 16 Underground on MySpace & 1

Photo Friday: Edible

asparagus , originally uploaded by Nannerlady . Stir-fry asparagus in olive oil, a pinch of salt, and pepper till just soft. NOM!

Postcards from Malaysia

Back in February I joined a request for postcards in exchange for some link love. Look what arrived! Actually, they arrived almost 3 weeks ago but I haven’t had made the time to get them up and blogged. The postcards are actually in color, but my camera phone can’t do them justice. Lynn has beautiful handwriting: If you have forgotten how to read cursive (I overheard some peers saying they had forgotten how to write it!), she writes: Hi Annette, Congratulations, this is your bonus postcard, courtesy of the Postcard/Link Exchange of 2009! What a change in weather – I always forget just how humid it is here. Forced myself to stay awake all day, it’s now ~9pm – I’ve earned my sleep, methinks! Hope you’re having a great time @ Long Beach! Lynne a.k.a I really need to get back into Postcrossing. It’s so fun to meet people and travel vicariously!

Wordless Wednesday - Sometimes I just want to fade away

Me and My Shadow 76/365 , originally uploaded by Nannerlady .

Guinness Stew – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I had the most amazing dinner last night, and for once I wasn’t the cook! Oakley aka Oakmonster , made Guinness Stew and Guinness chocolate cake, and there were Irish car bombs involved. From Oak’s blog : Here's the preview of tonight's dinner for 12. Yep.   The massive vat of Guinness Stew is back.   (Not in picture, a pound of carrots. And actually, I only used 3 potatoes, one box of stock, and 1.5 bottles of Guinness.) … That's   the Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes with the Bailey's Cream Frosting   I made last year for the house party. Now I can watch my unsuspecting colleagues stumble through the office. Hehe. The dozen kids tonight, instead, will have the   Nigella's Chocolate Guinness Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting . … You MUST read the blog post she got the cake recipe from. A good read, and then good food! What could be better? Also check out Hmm…Food… Good for more mouth-watering pictures and th


I tend to forget that I need to decompress every now and again. I'm so rushed, and busy, and tend to squeeze activities into every little bit of spare time, that I rarely actually take time for myself. To rest. To recuperate. To decompress. To reflect. To be still. Some days I think I might have forgotten how. My mind certainly doesn't know how to be still. Right now, I am in a hiding place, soaking up some much needed sun, but also enjoying the solitude. I'm forcing myself to stay off twitter and IM for more than a few minutes in the hopes that I can reset to some state of quietude. I don't meditate very well, I tend to fall asleep when I do. Right now, just the act of focusing on the sun on my skin, my face, my arms, the wind blowing through my hair, listening to the pigeons, and breathing. Slowly and deeply, needs to be enough. I need this. I need to get away and find a quiet place more often. I have no center anymore, which could explain a lot of my stress. On

Up for a Challenge? Try this

The LA Times did a feature on two reporters who changed their food budget to $67/week. In Los Angeles. During a recession. We weren't the first nor the most severe members of the Food Stamp Challenge -- in 2007, several members of Congress budgeted just $21 a person, the national average a food stamp recipient receives weekly. The focus of our challenge was different. We weren't making a statement about hunger awareness or pretending we were poor; we wanted to change our lifestyle and our budget. The federal food stamp formula is complicated and depends on income level and number of family members. More than 31 million Americans received food stamps in December, the latest data available, believed to be the highest rate ever. We decided on some ground rules: We wouldn't count the cost of food we already had in the pantry or freezer, and though we would accept gifts from family, we wouldn't from friends, i.e. our parents could buy us dinner but our friends c

Read an E-Book Week - March 8 - 14, 2009

Of course I find out about this two days before the week ends, but hey, better late than never, right? If you're like me, you sometimes forget to have a book around. Or you're too busy with life to have a day where you can cuddle up with tea or coffee and read for hours at a time in your most comfy chair. E-books to the rescue. Especially when free. It's better than the library (no late fees!). Read an E-Book Week - March 8 - 14, 2009 : "Read an E-Book Week Has Arrived This week the focus of the site turns from information on e-books to reading e-books! For a limited time many on-line bookstores and authors have partnered with us to provide their books at either deep discounts or free of charge. Check out: The partners page with an amazing list of promotional books " Well, take a look, grab a book. I'm off to get me some free reads!

What's your sign? - Wordless Wednesday

©Annette Holland - 2009 - taken at the Port of Long Beach

Happy Birthday @briannajoy

I am blessed to know some pretty cool people on this Earth. One of them happens to be a very talented and uplifting girl named Brin. Today is her birthday and she debuted a vlog . She’s been podcasting and blogging at Bitz of Brin for about 4 years now, thanks in some part to her dad @ SplinteredMind . Check her out and wish her at Happy Birthday!

Open Your Eyes

Wow, just wow. At some point today I had something insightful to say, but I forget it. But this girl can flow! Oh yeah, backstory. This video was sent to me by @ markinct who was reminded of it from this statement: daNanner : any other mixed tired of getting the "what are you" about a day ago Tue Mar 10 04:16:13 +0000 2009 CarlaLorraine : Not mixed, but I get that - and it is bothersome! about a day ago Tue Mar 10 04:18:30 +0000 2009 design_doll : Not mixed and still get that from time to time about a day ago Tue Mar 10 04:23:53 +0000 2009

Eating Out -- Tuesday's Take Five -- week #6

Image via Wikipedia   What was the last meal you ate out? Lunch here at work, I got a sandwich, a nectarine, and some chips from the local grocery store. If your partner or friends could take you to any restaurant you wanted (their treat), which one would it be? Outback. I <3 their salmon. There’s also this place in San Diego that serves the most succulent filet mignon, but I don’t know if they exist anymore, it’s been about 12 years since I ate there. Oh, and for dessert, Extraordinary Desserts . Buffet, take-out or sit-down restaurant? Depends on who I am with. With a growing teen, definitely buffet. Take-out during the week and sit-down for a date or hanging out with friends. What restaurant do you eat at the most? Does McDonald’s count? What type of restaurant is missing from your current town? I don’t know, I haven’t wandered around enough. from Deep In the Dish

Double Trouble on the iPhone

As many of my long time readers know, I am a huge fan of Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine . One reason for this is their incredible podiobooks . Another is that they are accessible to fans on twitter. (Yes, I know, I'm practically a techno-vangelist for the site). This morning Tee announced on his site : "While you all know that the dwarf detective is one for the low-tech solutions like Beatrice and a good battle-axe, you may not know that the award-winning The Case of The Singing Sword: A Billibub Baddings Mystery is now available for the iPhone! Sure you can download Billi on the iPhone and iPod Touch in audio but now you can pick up a copy of Billi’s first big case as an iPhone application. Along with The Case of The Singing Sword, the Fey Trickster is also causing (double) trouble at the iTunes Store with Chasing the Bard also available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Take a look and show the love. Let iPhone and iPod Touch users know that Double Troub

Morning mist 68/365

More clouds, caught near sunrise from Metrolink train.

Award-Winning 65/365

Award-Winning 65/365 , originally uploaded by Nannerlady . Emmy anyone?

My Guardian Angel Drives a White Ford Escort

Image via Wikipedia I kept pace with the same white Ford Escort from Palmdale, CA all the way to my exit at Magnolia off the 170. View Larger Map We kept passing each other, exchanging looks, then smiles, and finally waving at each other. I bring this up because it seems so rare to have a "traveling companion" for so long a distance, especially when three different freeways are involved. It's Friday, I feel good, the sun is shining, and my guardian angel drives a white Ford Escort. Oh yeah, he's my guardian angel because for about the last 30 miles of my trip my gas tank was on empty.

Clouds 64/365

64/365 , originally uploaded by Nannerlady . I like clouds. And these are perfect fluffy examples. Taken from my car on my morning commute from Lancaster, CA to North Hollywood, CA somewhere near the Santa Clarita Valley. I wish I could just lay out on one of those hills and daydream while looking at all the cloud formations.

Near Dopey Drive 63/365

Near Dopey Drive 63/365 , originally uploaded by Nannerlady . Yesterday I went and got my new badge (yay for contract extensions!). I might have mentioned Dopey Drive in a tweet . Which reminded me that I should get a shot of this bit of architechture.

Spreading the Word - Halftime Lessons: St. Baldrick's Day

One of my Entrecard droppers is participating in an awesome fund raiser for cancer research. It's called St. Baldric's and focuses on children experiencing cancer. I'm Shaving My Head March 21st!! Are you reading this? Then I need YOUR help! On March 21st I shave my head for St. Baldrick's children's cancer research...Please help by donating $5, $10, $100...whatever you can afford!! Think about it... if we each give just a little, we could give SO MUCH!! From the site: St. Baldrick's is the world's largest volunteer-driven fundraising event for childhood cancer research. Thousands of volunteers shave their heads in solidarity of children with cancer, while requesting donations of support from friends and family. At a St. Baldrick's event, something amazing happens. People who normally shy away from the very thought of childhood cancer find themselves compelled to support this cause after looking into the face of these brave children who are smilin

Miss Independent … what do you really want in a woman?

Tuesday Take 5

Image via Wikipedia week #5 1. what 3 ingredients couldn't you live without? some meat that isn't pork (I'm allergic), rice, greenbeans or corn. The only vegetables that my kids eat day in and day out without complaint. And rice can be eaten three times a day, you may not want to, but it can be. Porridge anyone? 2. what food reminds you of your childhood? Sweet potatoes as a side dish, not a dessert, made with butter, cinnamon, and nutmeg 3. what was your last cooking disasters? I think I undercooked some fish 4. what makes you a foodie? I love to prepare and eat food. I love combining flavors in new ways. I'm a chocoholic. I love talking about food. I love trying out new recipes. Did I mention that I love food? 5. what is the last meal you cooked? um, I actually haven't cooked this week but I have told my mom and son what to cook for dinner and given them the recipes. How sad is it that I can't remember what I last cooked? I know I have in the last two weeks,