Tuesday take 5 -- week #4

  1. what are you currently trying to learn/master with your cooking?
    Crockpot cooking of all things. Sometimes I don’t quite get it right. And pancakes. Though, after 20+ years, that might be a lost cause.
  2. where do you go for ideas for new recipes (cooking shows, cookbooks/magazines, experiment in the kitchen)?
    Usually things I try in a restaurant, like pho, or ethnic food. Like the empanadas. I’ll also try some of the recipes in the back of magazines.
  3. what is one thing that you make, but you don't eat?
    Shrimp stir-fry. Both me and my son are allergic, me mildly, him severely. But so far my estranged-dh and dd are ok.
  4. what is your biggest guilty pleasure with food?
    Tasting while cooking.
  5. what is one thing that your mom (or who ever taught you to cook) can make better than you?
    Traditional Mexican food I suppose. It’s been a while since I made huevos rancheros or chile rellenos.

Now I’m getting hungry… I should stop all this food blogging.Who am I kidding? I LOVE food!

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