tuesday take 5 -- week #3

deep in the dish of texas: "tuesday take 5 -- week #3
here are your five questions for this week's tuesday's take 5! thanks for everyone who has been playing along!

1. what surprises you most about your cooking?
That it's actually good and some of my best meals are my "made-up" recipes. Just taking what we have on hand, not using a recipe, and combining flavors in such a way that everyone in my family will eat all the dishes.

2. what one that you have mastered cooking (that you could not cook when you started)?
Pancakes. Actually, pancakes are still a work-in-progress, my kids make them better than I do, but at least I don't mix up the baking soda and baking powder anymore.

3. who was your biggest inspiration to start cooking?
I started cooking out of necessity to feed a large family. Every Sunday it became my "chore" to feed 10 people. I still prefer baking, but I am a pretty good cook these days. The biggest motivation to become a better cook has been my son. He's always inviting his friends over and telling them they should try whatever it is I've made.

4. what is your favorite thing to make?

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Baked goods, all sorts. Though I am not very good at getting cookies to be round. I think my banana bread and Bundt cakes are top-notch though.

5. what is one recipe that you are known for?
My lasagna and Lemon Pound Cake.

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