Tuesday Take 5 -- week #2

from: deep in the dish of texas

1. what is one food that you refuse to try?

Brussels sprouts. I had a bad experience with them as a kid and just can’t stand them now.

2. what is the one food that you like to eat, but won't make?


3. what is the farthest you've traveled for a meal?

From Hillsboro to Lincoln City for some awesome burgers and shakes at the 60s Cafe

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4. what is the most creative/exotic meal you've ever made?

Red Thai Curry Chicken

5. what is scariest (i.e. hole in the wall) place you've eaten at?

Probably the ‘berto’s on Miramar near the base in San Diego. Hole in the wall, but the best burritos EVA! oh, and Chinatown Sam Woo. Not a hole in the wall, but at one point it got a “D”. Still good food.