Postcards and Link Love

So, I have been woefully neglectful of my postcrossing, and in an attempt to get back into it I have joined the The Postcard/Link Exchange of 2009!

All you have to do to join is:

  • Email [azlynne1972 at gmail dot com] your name & postal address. Email subject line needs to contain “The Postcard/Link Exchange of 2009“.  [NOTE: Do NOT leave the information in the comments for the whole WWW to see and abuse! By all means leave me a comment saying you’ve emailed me the info - comment love is always appreciated!]
  • Only requests received by February 20th, 2009 will be entertained.
  • You should receive your postcard by the first week of March.
  • Sometime between March 6th - 16th 2009 (providing an additional buffer in case the card took a circuitous route to you), you then publish a post on your blog relating to the received postcard: criticize my handwriting!; take a picture of it in your mailbox; puzzle over the image on the stamp; whatever, be creative! Please make sure you link back to a malaysian abroad ( *and* to this post (
  • Once published, come back to this post and drop me a comment with the permalink to your postcard-related post, so I can visit, see what you wrote, and give you some comment love right back.

With that, we will have successfully conducted The Postcard/Link Exchange of 2009: you get a postcard, I get some linky love :)

Here’s to hoping I can start my vicarious world travels again, starting with Malaysia.


  1. thanks for the plug... I will count you in for two, tho you kinda cut it close in terms of telling me, LoL! Cheers,

  2. Hi! Did you ever receive your postcard(s)?


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