orange colored day: Attempt to #crashTED was an epic #Fail

: (photo courtesy of @theagent)

If you haven't heard, the think tank of all conferences (TED) is in Long Beach this week. Last night one of our members saw Al Gore and we tried to get Kevin Rose to let us into the block party. @killregrets wrote up our adventures before anyone else.

You can read her account [excerpt below, go to her blog for the whole story]

orange colored day: Attempt to #crashTED was an epic #Fail: "We began our night at the Dubliner in downtown Long Beach with @nsputnik and @theagent. We shared a round discussing current and past employment, the housing market, and the art scene in and around Long Beach. Once @daNanner, @missmotormouth, @DigSomeMore, @agentjon, @niecee, @jpdefillippo, and @Fogarty arrived, we got word that 18 #TED people were at Rock Bottom Brewery. Upon heading in that direction we realized that the TED Block Party was going on and we needed to be a part of it."

and read our #crashTED tweets for the whole vicarious experience.

TED Updates:

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