A foot and a half: Finally, A Use for Twitter

Shaquille O'NealImage by phxwebguy via Flickr

You have to read the whole post. Pretty funny, and amazing. Awesome to know that Shaq is real, and uses a G1 :)
"You realize that 'The Real Shaq' is probably a 5'4 White, 14 year old emo kid who's getting his jolly's from the attention, right?' I asked him.

'I don't know. I think it's really him'

Today Sean and I were discussing rumored trade situations over IM, and the possibility of Shaq being traded to Cleveland.

'Well, I just got a twitter from The Real Shaq, and he's at 5 & Diner right now,'
Sean informed me.

'Let's go then' I said, assuming that I'd finally put this 'Real Shaq' crap to rest.

Twenty minutes later we were pulling up to the restaurant and looking for the big black truck that he's rumored to drive around town. 'Maybe that's it' Sean said, pointing at an older, but nice Van and laughing. As we pulled up I saw the Superman symbol on the grill."

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